About Us

General Information

Howard D. Woodson Senior High School was established in 1972, primarily as a result of its namesake, Howard D. Woodson, to bring quality education and facilities to the far northeast area of Washington, D.C. Since its existence, the school has followed the guidelines of the Board of Education of the District of Columbia and the mandate of its constituency in pursuing this goal.

The Woodson Family

We have dedicated educators who are committed to professional excellence. They are caring, hardworking, and dedicated to the students, the educational system, and to Woodson. Their backgrounds are diverse and unique. They have Doctorate Degrees, Master’s Degrees, and some have been a part of the Woodson family since 1972. Additional persons are a part of the supportive team and are committed to student excellence. Our teachers bring with them, not only outstanding credentials, but also an intangible characteristic, that of blending professionalism and education with personalities that create a unique family atmosphere. There is someone here for each and every student. Woodson Warriors realize very quickly that we have their best interest at heart and are concerned about them. Our major resources are our faculty and staff. We are committed to a standards-driven education in which all students succeed. Woodson has a strong academic legacy and a history of impressive athletic achievement. In addition to offering a variety of extracurricular activities, we also offer students AP and accelerated course offerings, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), JROTC, and STEM academies focused in Information Technology (IT)/Engineering.