Guidance and Mental Health

Our high school counselor is responsible for providing a comprehensive school counseling program that is preventative in design, developmental in implementation, and supports DCPS students in the areas of academic achievement, career and college planning, and personal and social development. Our counselor also serves as consultant to educators, families and community partners.

Our counselor reports to the school principal, while receiving technical assistance, guidance and instruction while working in coordination with the Director of Counseling/Supervisor of School Counseling Program. Additionally, our counselor works closely with faculty and staff of local school, DCPS central administration, various social services agencies, i.e., D.C. Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA), the Superior Court, personnel from other public school systems and parents.

Our counselor is responsible for developing, implementing and managing a comprehensive school counseling program to serve the academic, social, and career development needs of students enrolled in DCPS. The primary purpose of the comprehensive school counseling program is the support of the instructional and academic goals of DCPS.